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  • 18.11.2022 | Võ Hoàng Nhân

Results of training organization

- Training mode: The school organizes training in two ways, including the full-time and work-study systems with many diverse forms (full-time, upgrading, credit accumulation).

- The university has implemented a relatively all-round system of training and training services including functional units and a system of legal documents sufficient to operate and ensure the good implementation of training plans. Training activities are operated according to clear rules, regulations and plans with decentralization and coordination of training management between functional departments and specialized faculties.

- To meet the requirements of credit-based training and create more job opportunities for learners, the university has implemented an academic year system consisting of 3 main semesters. Every year, the University conducts 03 rounds of graduation review and recognizes more than 700 new Bachelors and Engineers, in which: students graduating from each course on schedule accounting for from 70% to 75%. Training results: the average annual graduation rate of students with pretty good or higher is 75%.

During the year, many job fairs were organized to introduce jobs for learners with the percentage of graduates having jobs in the right industry after 6 months of graduation, accounting for more than 90% of the total number of graduates.

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