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  • 18.11.2022 | Võ Hoàng Nhân

Enrollment results in the last 5 years

Over the past few years, KGU has always strived for innovation and improvement in enrollment activities, effectively implemented to improve training quality, and the percentage of students graduating on time has been increasing. With the student-centered point of view, all policies and activities of the University are geared towards the goal of student success, so the university's enrollment activities are increasingly effective, specifically:

- In 2018, the university enrolled 10 training majors with a total target of 1480, the enrollment results were 952 students, accounting for 64%.

- In 2019, the university enrolled 14 training majors with a total target of 1330, the enrollment results were 1047 students, accounting for 79%.

- In 2020, the school enrolled 16 training majors with a total target of 1250, the enrollment results were 1148 students, accounting for 93%.

- In 2021, the university enrolled 18 training majors with a total target of 1357, the enrollment results were 1330 students, accounting for 98%.

- In 2022, the university enrolled 20 training majors with a total target of 1520, the enrollment results are 1572 students, accounting for 103%.

As of November 2022, the total number of undergraduate students of the University was 5168 students, including 68 international students from Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia.

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