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  • 14.10.2020 | Võ Hoàng Nhân

Historic Milestones

- On May 21, 2014: Kien Giang University (KGU) was established under Decision 758 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister.

- On December 3, 2014: Organized the Ceremony to announce the decision to establish KGU.

- January - February 2015: KGU organized to receive personnel (lecturers, officers) from other units to form KGU's organizational structure and officially put it into operation.

- The academic year 2015-2016: KGU for the first time implemented enrollment activities with 08 majors, including Accounting, Mathematics Pedagogy, English Language, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Food Technology, and Biotechnology. The results of the first enrollment are 987 students (853 undergraduates, 134 college students).

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