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  • 18.11.2022 | Võ Hoàng Nhân

Results of outstanding activities in the past 5 years

Implementation results: Commit life-long support for the Vietnamese heroic Mother in the amount of VND 30,000,000/month; mobilize sponsors to contribute 5,000 notebooks for poor children, Build and donate 04 charity houses for people with difficult circumstances; visiting, giving gifts, helping families receiving support from the government, families with meritorious services to the revolution, lonely elderly people; participated in the construction of 02 bridges, built 02 "Lighting up the countryside" works with a length of 4km, planted flowers on both sides of the road with a total length of more than 30km, built more than 116 centralized incinerators for the community; enrolled in counseling and admission support for more than 5,200 students; built 01 international youth project. In addition, volunteers also participated in cleaning the campus, taking care of and planting more trees, campaigning for 0 dong for the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, etc. With the results achieved in the campaign, there are many collectives and individuals honored to receive Certificates of Merit from the People's Committee of Kien Giang Province, the Youth Union of Kien Giang Province and An Minh District.

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